Artemis Hope is the main Protagonist of The Lightning Course Series.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Since Artemis proved to be the most powerful character. His powers are extremely powerful.

  • Hydrokinesis - He once manipulates the water in school's sinks.
  • Cyrokinesis - He can manipulate ice by freezing the water
  • Mystokinesis - He can use his magic to do stuff at will.
  • Teleportation - Artemis can easily teleport out of a barrier or teleport people to different locations.
  • Immortality - He can live longer than any beings. His appearance never change when he is 168-years-old. His physical appearance is 19/20 appearance.
  • Siren Song - He is part Merfolk, meaning he can sing the song to other people.
    • Immune to Siren Song
  • Omnilingualism - He can understand any languages and speak it
  • Super Strength - Artemis can easily lift up a full grown man and he can also use it against his maternal aunt in fight to the death for his throne

Physical Description Edit

History Edit

Artemis Hope was born to Queen Margaret Hope of the dragons and phoenixes, and her husband King Ryan Ramses of the Merpeople.

Trivia Edit

  • His maternal family origins from Italy.
  • He loves to read books
    • His descendant Mimi Black inherited his love for readings
  • Due to him being Immortal, he outlive Drake and their children, except for their son Evan Black.
  • Artemis loves blueberry cake and drinks tea with cinnamon and mint.
  • He owns a house from him and his descendants to live in.
  • He has angel blood flowing through his veins.

Appearance Edit

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