Ursula Hope is the Main Antagonist of the Lightning Course. She is the Maternal Aunt of Artemis Hope and the Aunt-In-Law of Drake Black and Lucas Chase.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She dislike her nephew Artemis Hope
  • She favors her daughter to be the heir to the throne than her nephew.
  • It's was discovered that she was banished to the human world by her older sister, when she trying to fight her for the throne.
  • Interestly like her sister and nephew, she used magic to her will
    • According to her, she's the one to made dark magic, but it's was later confirmed by her grandparents the angels Michael and Envangeline, that her it's was her granduncle Lucifer (Michael and Envangeline's brother)
  • She knows that she has angel blood flows through her veins, she is arrogant about it and always brag to everyone.
  • In an Alternate Reality, she (she is good) and her family except for Artemis (he's dead) are humans (but with angel's blood with Sorcery magic still), but are still descend from an powerful angel and an archangel, the first phoenix dragon and powerful sorcerer.
    • According to her alternate counterpart, they lost most of their magic when Artemis dies from a demon mauling him to death, and the demon imprison her parents in enchanted chains, since they still have their powers.
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